Progress on the hedge is looking good. It’s getting its makeover done steadily. I’ve now reached far enough at the front that I should start working from the back so that I don’t leave the hedge too bare between my kitchen window and my neighbour’s window for too long.

It’s great to take a photo every week and see how far I have gone. Maybe there’s less than a hundred trees in this hedge. Some of the upper limbs are really thick, I am considering a top handle chainsaw at this point. A really cheap one, short bar length, light weight.

This hedge spread out on to my side from the trunk for about 2 meters. Times that by the 50 meter length, and I have lost 100 square meters on my quarter acre section. That’s 10% of the land. The lesson here, if your hedge will not grow back if cut back to old wood, trim it frequently or it will start taking up more space. Otherwise, plant a hedge that takes hard pruning and will grow back from just about anything.

Got some good size Autumn raspberries ripening up at the moment. Good move planting them out from the pot.

And some strawberries. I don’t need them to flower and fruit, I really just need them to start running so that I can get more free plants.

Ducks having a field day on a rotten pumpkin. They are doing a good job shitting everywhere in the Forest Garden. Good microbiology in the making.

Next week, start pruning the hedge from the back. Just need to figure out how to climb in and out over there. Chainsaw can wait. And I also figured out why they sell jigsaw blades in multi-pack. With the amount of sawing I’m doing, blade sure wear out fast.

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