It’s been a lovely weekend. The weather had been awesome and I caught up with all the mowing and cleaning up Caesar’s poop. I even mowed my neighbour’s berm as he is away. Anyway, the main focus of this weekend is Crate Day. Or, Crate Days.

It’s like a production line, making all 8 crates at once, in steps. The sides were made up last week, first thing this week is to join both sides together by doing the bottom. Making sure they are nice and square.

Then one of the longer sides. All gets the glue first, dries, then nails, then pin punched.

Then the other longer sides goes in. Everything nice and square. Quite a miracle, that for once, I actually got 8 nice and square crates.

From concept to conception. Drawn on the back of an envelope that’s asking for a donation to a cause.

A bit of sanding to follow next week to smooth out the edges. Then another round of linseed oil to further bring out the wood grain al naturale.

Last but not least, committing to my 5 trees a day pruning plan. 15 trees down so far. Some are easy and some are harder, a tiny chainsaw might be of good help, then again, I’ve got chainsaw-phobia.

I’ll definitely have to remove those prunings. Will probably do them all when the jobs done. The crowns of the trees are quite something. Thick as my arm.

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