Prey Hard Pray Harder

This Easter is an interesting one. There’s the Cyclone Cook on and before Good Friday battering down the country and running out of steam by the time it arrives at Christchurch. I was looking forward to a really good downpour. I think I miss the crazy thunderstorms we used to have back in KL, trying to make it home after work, getting stuck in a jam for 2 hours, windscreen wipers going at maximum speed but does nothing to help with the visibility, and getting completely drenched trying to get into the house.

Anyway, I found this guy on the Globe Artichoke by the mailbox.

The decaying plant is a magnet for flies, and so, he caught one.

I bet he doesn’t have to pray very hard to get one.

He doesn’t have to prey very hard either.

Like they say, ask and thou shall receive. I think it’s a very tasty lunch. He completely ignores me getting up close with the macro lens. Like a in your face paparazzi. He ignores me, because he is full of confidence in doing his own thing.

Bugger that, I went off and start on a long overdue project. That Oregon Hedge. The hedge that I destroyed by over-trimming. Someone once said, when you are halfway to hell, might as well make it a full trip before coming home. Maybe I said that.

The plan is to cut my side of the Oregon Hedge all the way back to the trunk. Put up a black windbreak as a temporary fence as well as to reduce visibility. Plant a new hedge on the base. I’ve already got the Corokia Bronze King and Tagasate Tree Lucerne set aside for delivery in Spring. The plan is to deal with 5 trees every day that I am off. I think there’s 100 trees in there. It should take me all Winter. The road to hell is cold.

Another of my latest long overdue project. It was on my list from the day I moved into this place. It’s not Uno Stacko. It’s a bookshelf. Or should I say, beer crates. Still work in progress, the nails I’ve got are 1mm too long, I’m going to have to take those back and get shorter ones.

Till next week.


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