Making a Mess

The ducks are getting plump. I am not sure if it is part of their growth process or just being really well fed. I’ve been clearing out the Mandala Garden and threw a lot of scraps over the fence into the Forest Garden. The ducks were then herded up there and left alone, they started foraging. Then they have a drink, and have a nap. Sunflowers went over. Tomatoes went over. Some corn went over. Vege scraps went over. The drake is starting to have a bit of a dark green colour on his head, should we say, he is starting to man up.

The sunflowers and corn have all been felled and the stalks used to line the outer edges of the Mandala Garden. The rest of the blueberries planted. I’ll be planting the stones for some of the stonefruits next week. Tomatoes have done their dash and have been ripped out as well. All that’s left are the pumpkins.

I thought this is Burgess Buttercup but the greyish colour is throwing me off. I’m not sure what this variety is. It looks like a Crown Pumpkin, but I didn’t plant any of that in here.

This is how a Burgess Buttercup looks like. There’s a few of them around.

Squash Delicata. Seeds were hard to come by for a while.

These are all second season seeds. The plants are stronger and the fruit larger.

Next season they might be as big as this one. From the size of an iPhone to the size of a full blown marrow.

Every season, Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato never fails.

Next week, I’ll be saving seeds on the tomatoes that I have put aside. Next season I’ll be focusing on growing yellow/orange fleshed tomatoes. And got to start making those beer crates. Till then, stay dry.

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