Waltz into Autumn

It has been a long week. And it has been fun. There’s self-reflection. And then there’s growth. There’s renewed determination. And possibly a more refined sense of direction. Then there’s also the major concern with property flipping up in Auckland. If only they realized that when this game of musical chairs stopped, many would be left standing up scrambling for that chair that’s nowhere to be seen.

It’s been a long time since Caesar makes an appearance here. He is here, older, he can no longer do a full sprint on the complete lap around the neighbourhood, down to a trot on the last leg of the race. On the other hand, he has been a good jumper, jumping in and out of the Forest Garden, ignoring the ducks.

The livestocks are good too. I’m now shutting them into the old pump shed in the evening. In the process of making an automatic door opener so that it can let them out in the morning after I went to work. They seemed to have grown in size too. There’s the drake, he is easy to tell apart. Then there’s the pretty one, in a brighter golden hue. And the one with a pinkish bill. The two with dark bill, one with a better defined white feathers while the other is brown. There, I can now tell them all apart.

The bees don’t really care. All they want is their food. And the bumblebees are busy getting ready for the next season.

Something about these Cardoon flowers that get them so stuck in. They didn’t fly away when the camera goes in for a close up.

Two bananas are over Wintering outside this season. The hardy ones. We’ll find out next season how they fare. Actually, we’ll find out when the first frost bites.

Without realizing it. The season has started again. The stuffs that’s more expensive than gold.

At the start of the week, I’ve done something I never thought I would have done in my entire life. It feels good.


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