It was a bloody wet week. We have 100mm of rain so far this month. Most of that felled within a period of 3 days. Last month was bone dry. The apples along the Belgian Fence have shoot a couple of inches as a result. However, all the attention over here are mainly focused on making the ducks feel at home.

Well, they are. they have got their big blue pond going for them. They have also established their home base now. And not run for the hills when I approached, but just maintaining a safe distance. They know now when I approach with the red bucket, there’s feed. I removed their fencing yesterday, and they have not ventured far, just staying put.

There’s still a few kinks to work out, it should resolved itself given time. Like the drake, is yet to establish himself as the alpha male. Dad’s repairing the pump shed door and we’ll be shutting the ducks in there for a few nights.

Apples are good for you. This weirdly shaped apple is Calville Blanc d’Hiver. It’s the apple with the highest Vitamin C content. It’s ancient, and would probably make a highly marketable cider vintage.

Growing good sized apples using the Belgian Fence system. Interestingly, I’ve not irrigate a single drop of water for these guys at all. It seems that water condensate on the fence and flow down into the ground, providing natural irrigation.

Squash Burgess Buttercup. Very prolific. Taken over the Mandala Garden. Going everywhere. Kicking me out. Winter is sorted.

There’s a Buttercup Squash hanging in mid-air dangling between corn stalks. There’s a few of them doing that.

This is the result of a cross pollinated sunflower. Watercolor Bronzey? Pastel Bronze? What would you name it?

If I’m going to use a sunflower as a cushion. This is it.

Here’s a Monarch butterfly squaring off with a Bumblebee on a Skyscraper.

For the future. 4 trays of asparagus seedlings. These are to go into the Mandala Garden to form the base. And over-planted with lots of strawberries. And a generous sprinkling of carrots.

Caesar sleeping like a freestyler.


Quack Quack Nuff Said

Four hen ducks and a drake completed the Forest Garden today. I haven’t named them yet. I don’t think they like me very much just yet. The drake is a pure bred Khaki Campbell while the hen ducks are about 90% Khaki Campbell with strains of Welsh Harlequin. They are rather quacky when alarmed but you won’t know they are there when they are just chilling maxing relaxing.

They are now confined to their home space until they get used to me before I let them free range completely. And Caesar needs to get to know them too, and not bother them. He doesn’t go near his toy duck, so I think his training is half way complete.

The ducks are already nibbling away at the stuff around them instead of the pellets, that’s a good sign they still know how to forage.

Space Shuttle Corn

When your corn has had enough of you. When your corn doesn’t just want to be eaten. When your corn aspires for more. When your corn dream of going into space. When your corn develops a space program. When your corn turns into a space shuttle.

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Fret not. You can still make good soup out of it.

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There’s bumblebees in there. Spot the other one.

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Here we have a sunflower that’s showing the normal petals, and also the teddy bear frills. The flower opens out wide, like a teddy bear sticking its head out of a car going 100kph down State Highway 1.

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This one is called Lion’s Mane. We can see why. It’s my favorite. When its done its dash, it looks like a Golden Retriever that’s just been through the wash.


This is the Mandala Garden before I go on holiday.


And this is it after I come back. The pumpkin vine has taken over. The sunflowers are flowering. The corns are heading into space. The tomatoes, they are doing their thing.

And the birds got all the worms.

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Good looking yellow cherry tomato with purple shoulder.

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This one is Indigo Rose with not as strong a blush.

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Yellow Pear hanging down a nice straight truss.

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All time favorite, Small Sweet Orange. Very generous spreading truss.

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This is a pointed capsicums, rewarding me with lots of capsicums.

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And this one is ripening into purple. These are all reduced to clear pots from the garden center. Larger grade, does a lot better than my own seed grown ones.

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This pumpkin vine has decided to scale new heights.

I can’t really get into the outside edges of the Mandala Garden now. The sunflowers are keeping me out. Caging everything in, and out.

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Looks like a bumper crop year. This lot should last me through the next season’s pumpkin harvest.

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Another variety, not sure which one is this. Could be a butternut type.

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Look close enough and you can spot the strawberry.

I’ve been training for City2Surf. I’m going to jog the full length. I’m now up to 4km, I’ll double it tomorrow. It feels good to be back on the run.