There and Back Again

I solemnly believe I have done enough driving over the last 2 weeks for a whole year. Until next time.

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Enough of unsealed gravel road. At times I felt like a rally driver. Very grateful that this car is AWD, better traction, could have slid off the road a couple times if the AWD had not kicked in. Took the car through a car wash after that.


I’ll hitch a ride next time.

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From train station to train station. How hard could that be? Just climb on to the roof.

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Most of the holiday homes we stayed in are right by the sea. At night, the breaking waves lull us to sleep. Apparently living by the sea are very therapeutic and good for the soul.

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The wind does interesting thing to the trees. Nature’s pruner.

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During one of my solitary walks along the Southwest cliffs of Bluff. Bonsai on rocks.

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And flowers clinging to the ground enjoying the salt sprays.

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Little streams flow from the hills straight into the sea. There’s an abundance of water coming out of the hill at Bluff.


The views down South are great. This is at the top of Riverton.

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And I found this puff ball in the community forest garden at Riverton. I’ve only seen this on River Cottage. I’ve got my hopes up. Hopefully some will show up in my garden. Should have took some soil home.

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The Catlins are another paradise itself.


At the Cathedral Caves looking at the approaching rain.

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Double rainbow at the Nugget Point. They have just started investing in better infrastructure for tourism. I guess more and more people are starting to come here. Everything is very new.


At the Southern most part of South Island.

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We are nearer to the South Pole than the Equator. Yet, the weather is rather pleasant, and humid. Which means sandflies.


20km of unsealed gravel road to get here. Then another 20km back. Its worth it when you have sandfly protection. Lake Hauroko.

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Saw this book at Duntroon. Just what I need to accomplish this year’s plan.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The view from my window back in Rakaia. I bought 4 blueberries from Diacks Nurseries in Invercargill, put a face to the name, met Caleb. Most impressive garden center I have ever seen. The range, the variety, woot! The plants camped out in the car for 3 nights before arriving home.

Till next week, some more updates, getting ready for ducks.


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