Alternative Production

When you are not being productive, but is actually doing something, what do you call it? Alternative production. That’s what I have been up to this weekend. Alternative production. I’ve been catching up with Spring cleaning in the house. Then picking up all of Caesar’s poo in the Forest Garden and move them to his poo spot behind his kennel. Giving the workbench in the garage a wee tidy up. It is tidier now, but could definitely use a lot more organization.

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I went and got this really large plastic dog house on Thursday, but I couldn’t fit it in the car, so I had to go back on Friday with the truck to pick it up. It was an inch too big to fit through the rear door. And definitely will not go into the boot. It’s not for Caesar. It’s for the ducks.

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Correction on this “Globe Artichoke”, it is actually a Cardoon judging from the size of the flower buds. The stems of Cardoon were eaten while the buds of Globe Artichokes were eaten. I’ve got a fair few of Glove Artichokes seedlings now, I’ll plant them out in Autumn.

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Looks like I’ll be having some Jonagold apples this season. Should I confess I am so far not a big fan of apples, hopefully I will find something I like from all the different varieties in my collection. I like sweet juicy plums.

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I haven’t figure out which one this is. So far, it looks like it’s going to be a bumper pumpkin season by the way the pumpkin vines are taking over the Mandala Garden.

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Fancy a sunflower hedge?

I’ve been going around and doing some selective weeding. On the list, anything that’s a prick, nightshade, hedge mustard, mallow, fumitory, cleavers… My spray free lawn is turning into a meadow, I’ll share it with you next week.


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