My Berm is Greener than Yours

It had been a good weekend despite the threat of rain which never materialized. I am sure it rained everywhere else. Not enough, so the irrigation will keep going. The garage is slowly emptying out as more and more building materials are used up for projects around the property. Soon, I will tidy up my very messy work bench.

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The raspberries have been liberated from their pots, into raised beds of half a cubic meter of compost. The stand will be thinned out at a later stage giving preference to strong growing erect stems.

I figured out a way to make compost go further. I sieve them, and my sieve is just one of those black seedling trays, and it separates out the smaller particles from the larger particles. The finer compost can be used as a seed raising medium while the larger stuff can be used as small grade mulch. Can be used for capping off seed trays to reduce evaporation.

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Bamboo trellis and gate are now completed. I made a booboo while putting the final touch to the trellis, but if you don’t look hard enough, you can never tell. It will be one of those things that’s right there in your face but you can’t tell there’s something wrong with it.

I’ve swapped the pots for something else now. The first three pots to the left are mainly rescued plants that had been living in planter bags ever since I moved here. Plum rootstock where the scion has died. Golden Pippin, Cornish Aromatic, and Winesap Apple on mm106 which are extras. A mm106 rootstock where the scion has died. And the three pots to the right are all mm106 rootstocks.

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The final gate built just now. Essentially the Forest Garden has been fenced off.

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While I have fenced off the Forest Garden, the Mandala Garden is trying to keep me out with rampaging pumpkin vines. And the few varieties of spinach to the left is going to seed. I didn’t eat a single leaf, how hopeless of me.

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Looking into a keyhole. Can’t really get in there without disturbing the pumpkins.

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They don’t seem to have any respect for clearly defined footpaths. I am not sure if I am to cut them back or not. But I might politely point them in the right directions.

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And them sunflowers will probably just look on in my futile attempt. If only you can hear them laugh. It will be a gust of sunshine.

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Tomato Indigo Rose. I’ve grown these for years. Very hardy plants. But the fruit takes very long to ripen up.

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Persimmons! I had a plant at the Orchard Cottage for a few years, and it never really did anything. I had this for less than a season and voila! Mum is going to be stoked! But you aren’t suppose to harvest until after the first frost or something like that.

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The wildflowers are slowly coming through after my more consistent irrigation regime. A mistake that I never seem to learn, but hopefully have by now. So, I’ve sown more wildflower seeds.

I’ve also move the two Blood Oranges to both side of the side doorway. They might do better there and will benefit from the watering.

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More wildflowers in the edges of the Mandala Garden. Perhaps, by the end of this season, the neighborhood will present me with the Neighborhood Hippie batch. This property is not for the faint-hearted.

Just feeling a moment of pride here as I mow the berm this morning. The grass growing on my berm, despite not receiving any irrigation, turns out to be the greenest on the street. I’ve explained it to my neighbor once, its too dry and they are cutting the grass too low, the soil is getting sunburn. You put a hat on when the sun is bearing down. I’ll be sticking with the #5 cut for now.

I didn’t mow any grass in the property, those will keep growing slowly and provide good protection to the soil. Only reason to mow the berm, neighbor from an adjacent property is selling, so, just being a good neighbor and put up with a good presentation on the street. Everyone likes a well cut berm on the whole street.


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