Stuck In

The weather is doing funny things at the moment. We have a high of 31dC, and a low of 4dC, all within a month, within days of each other, in the middle of Summer. This Summer, is quite fickle minded. It needs to make up its mind.

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The radish is still growing. It’s still not going to seed. It’s as big as my garden gloves. The beetroots on the other hand has started going to seed. So I am starting to eat them. There’s a kohlrabi in the Forest Garden too, and that’s the size of a football, almost.

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The amazing weekend weather means that I am able to get work on some of the projects. The nursery is now completed. Clad with microklima frost cloth.

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There’s the option of putting another layer of frost cloth from the inside to have a sort of double glazing effect but I think one layer is enough, the environment feels rather calm in the nursery while its gusting its head out in the open. I might setup the other nursery stand next week. I’ve got some asparagus to start from seeds.

Processed with Rookie CamOn to the next project. Continue to fence up the Forest Garden to get ready for the ducks. The wee gate is the door to Caesar’s run, and of course, he doesn’t get locked in the run at all, so the gate comes in handy. Getting some of the stakes in are hard work as the maple tree that I have removed have left huge roots all over making it very hard to hammer the stakes in. Always be mindful where you plant your trees, and know your trees, and what their roots are going to do to your building.

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Here’s the almost finished work. I still need to cap the top off. The bamboos are held in place with 3 horizontal 50×50 timber with holes drilled all along it at 5cm spacing. Getting the holes in are the main work. First, I got to drill the guide holes, and these got to be straight through. Then, a borer drill bit is used to enlarge the holes so that the bamboo stakes can go through. I’ve lost count of how many times I have to recharge the battery for the drill. That’s 2 days of all out work there.

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The prickly Worcesterberry has grown really well this season. It must have love its new home. I’ve gone along and tied each branches to a vertical stakes yesterday and they will form a thorny fence along that part of the Forest Garden. Those prickles are vicious.

Next week, the place should be fully fenced up by then ready for the ducks. Only one more gate to make. The raspberries will be transplanted into the raised beds. And some more wildflower seeds to be sown.


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