Conservation Against Natural Progression?

Sometimes, I wonder if the conservation work that we are doing is actually good for the environment. It is good if we are reversing the degeneration of the land, but what if what we are doing are actually preventing natural progression of the landscape? A while back I was doing some volunteer conservation work at a stony beach ridges, we were mainly weeding. To my surprise, we are also removing some native tree saplings.

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Should we perhaps rethink conservation, to regenerate, and to assist in the natural progression of the landscape? Maybe merely removing the wilding pines so that the native grass can survive is not enough? Grass is just the beginning, forest is the end result, just because the area is covered with grass when man first inhabit that land doesn’t means that nature intend that to be grass forever. One day, that too shall be a forest.

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Then sunflowers are starting to flower. Just magnificent. I am just anticipating the main show from the sunflowers surrounding the Mandala Garden.

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Last season, I was growing corn along the front fence line, and threw away a few cobs that I deemed did not meet the grade, probably too small. And here they are, bunched of them popping up here and there, like wild grasses.

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This Globe Artichoke is starting to flower. There’s a few more seedlings on the go as not many survived in the last batched due to poor watering practice. My fault. And the nursery got blown over as I didn’t secure it, and everything was scattered all over and re-potted haphazardly. My fault again.

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The Feijoas are flowering! Must have done something right for them to flower in their first season planted out.

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When you sow radish in the Forest Garden and forgot about them. This is now a swede. Or a turnip.

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Carrots flowering. The flies, big and small, are so intoxicated. It’s like a giant buffet of tiny florets all round, drink all you can, all the nectar.

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Hopefully, back on track with the Brussels Sprouts show down. There’s 6 varieties of heirloom Brussels Sprouts in there. I never have any luck with them but hopefully, some this year with the lot of diversification.

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I am intending not to mow at this time of the year, and just let the lawn, the berm, turn to meadow. It’s getting hotter, dryer, and I wanted the land to have more cover instead of a mere half inch of grass. But I can’t help myself on this one as I am doing some work which requires me to trim the grass way down. I did something different much to my amusement and curiosity. Each strip of grass is mow with the mower set on a different height setting. Just to see. I think I like number 4 best.

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Why did I mow? Need to cut the grass back so that I can turn the turf upside down where I am going to build a raised beds for the raspberries. The raspberries, are finally going to be liberated from their pots!

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This is the first time I am building something with 300mm x 50mm timber. I had some salvaged when I moved out of the Orchard Cottage, paid good money for them, waste not want not, re-purposed. These heavy duty timber were originally intended to be floodgates. Also involved a bit of simple joinery work that a circular saw can easily handle.

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And the frame goes up to form the bones of the nursery. No permanent modification has been done to the carport, no holes drilled, nothing. Next up will be to get the mikroclima cloth on. In Winter, it can be enclosed with a curtain of mikroclima around the back and further moderate the micro-climate in there.

Once that’s done, a gate will be built to shut that side of the Forest Garden out. Then I’ll start working on the final set of gate and trellis by the old pump shed. And the Forest Garden will be duck ready.

Noticed the new coat of paint on the carport? It took me 2 days to put the first coat on, and 2 hours for the second coat. The color is named Grapevine, hence enticing a greenfinger like me to choose it due to emotional appeal. I really should have just gone for red.


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