Farewell 2016

A vet to a dog, is like a dentist to a man. It’s never good news, usually involves various elements of pain. Caesar has that well figured out even though he is visiting a different vet at a different clinic. I took him there half an hour earlier so that he can roam around the car park getting used to all the different animal scents about. And of course, for him to empty his bladder so that he don’t piss all over in the clinic, like he used to. His vaccination is up to date now, and he hates the kennel cough vaccination which is done through the nose, the vet always struggled with that. He is so traumatized in the end that he refused to take treats off the vet at the end of the session. He will only eat them off the floor. And of course, can’t wait to get out, won’t even let me make payment, he just dragged me straight out of there.

Processed with Rookie Cam

My neighbour rang me the other day while I was at work. She is asking for permission for her and her mum to stand outside my place to see what’s the going on in my garden. They can’t figure it out from their kitchen window, so they had to get closer.

A few different varieties of spinach there at the bottom left of the photo. I don’t get how they are all of a different genus and species, yet they are all called spinach. What genus and species would Popeye recommend?

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The tomatoes have taken, their primary stem grew thick and strong, and because they are grown in an exposed area, they are not gaining height as fast. The pumpkins are growing too, they are starting to crawl about now. Hopefully, I will have some to store over Winter.

There might be a change of plan with pumpkin growing next season. Cucurbita pepo, I will not be saving seeds on this pumpkin line anymore as I will be growing zucchini instead next season. That leaves me with Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita moshata, which is still good. At least, I will have zucchini as well.

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Runner beans now flowering.

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I’m very proud of these apricots. they started the season looking like slingshots. Now they are well branched, ready for some good fruits next season. Throughout the season I pinched off the growing tips when they reached a certain length to encourage them to branch out. Intensive, and lots of love.

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Got a handful of walnuts this year perhaps.

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This is the Calville Blanc D Hiver apple. It is one of the oldest variety of apple in the world. Good for apple pie. Have just gone around and put a tag on all the apples along the Belgian Fence. Now, I know who is who.

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The Forest Garden. I think its more or less ready for free ranging ducks.

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There’s definitely diversity. And everything is flowering and seeding now. And full of escaped potatoes. If I ever ran out of potatoes, all I have to do is go into the garden and dig some up.

Potatoes are weedy. If you leave one behind accidentally, they will grow and give you potatoes again. And again. And again. The ducks can eat the tops.

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The almonds trio near the front. That spot has gone berserk. I can’t walk through there without getting pollen all over me.

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Just need to get more fencing done. Here’s one that I did today. It’s not finish yet, I still need to pin the windbreak into the ground. Need to buy some pins.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’m going to paint the carport. I’ve spent the day removing most of the rust using the angle grinder with a wire brush attachment. After that, I can start building the nursery.

The nursery, the project that has been brewing for a year. Every time I revisit the idea, it evolves. It just gets better and better. This time, I’m going to be building a small raised bed right in front of the nursery, and here, I am going to plant the raspberries. Finally, the raspberries are going into the ground. I’ve got it all under control.

Finally, my new new year resolutions.

  1. Ducks.
  2. Take up a new hobby or two, day walks and rock climbing.

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