2 Weeks to Go

Two more weeks to Christmas. How scary is that? I still haven’t got my new year resolution figured out yet. I have something in mind but I would definitely want to consider my options before I commit to anything.

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The Mandala Garden is growing slowly. Then sunflowers around the edges are coming up steadily and as they grow taller they will provide more shelter for the garden. Its interesting to note that they are concentrated on both sides of the garden even though I sow them in the whole circle.

I have replaced some of the tomato plants with store bought ones as the wind burned the last planting into the ground the day after I planted them. I have also replaced heaps of pumpkins as they died off after planting out. Luckily, I managed to find the exact variety of pumpkin I wanted to grow in a seedling form.

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The Forest Garden have another round of weeding yesterday. Its a rather selective weeding process where any weed that is behaving in a very dominant manner is removed before they become too much of a problem. Not to forget the usual suspect, cleavers, fumitory, and hedge mustard. I also took the opportunity to shape the herbage around the trees to give them more breathing space.

A couple more Tagasaste Tree Lucerne have been planted out. The wattles seedling are not progressing very well at this stage, most of them are likely to be written off. I’ll let the Tagasaste grow for now until I decide what other nitrogen fixing species to plant out.

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Here’s a familiar sight of brightly color poppies growing under the plum guild. I’ve made a new brew in this week’s foliar feed. A bit more nitrogen in guano form, and trichoderma fungi. Let’s give those shoots more growth before Autumn comes.

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That’s a medlar. It was the last thing on my mind to bring it over from the Orchard Cottage but I did anyway. For some reason. Diversity perhaps.

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That’s a persimmon forming right there. My last persimmon tree at the Orchard Cottage never actually do anything for years. So, I’m quite happy that this one is doing well and have got a really sunny spot to grow and mature.

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The Belgian Fence is coming along. Some of the branches are likely to hit their target this season. And some with apples to spare. Mitre10 had punnets of lavender seedlings cheap, so I got some to replace the ones that didn’t make it.

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And for the ones that did made it, well, they are flowering in a stunning purple right now. The bees are happy.

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Berries are fruiting, but I don’t think I will get much this year, the birds will get them. I need them to grow and flourish and start climbing the trellis.

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Up close and personal with leaf curl.

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Calendula porcupine. A good one to yield plenty of petals to add to your salad. Calendula seeds are one of the easiest to harvest. I’ve just harvested some and scatter them around where I wanted them to grow.

This weekend has been a good one, I have achieved plenty and is about to head out and start working on the second gate for the Mandala Garden.


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