4 More Weeks

Have I lost track of time completely? We have 4 more weeks of 2016 left and that was it. I had a look at the top right corner of my whiteboard with my new year resolution written on it. Career growth and better posture. Yep, put a tick on both of them, done. What will 2017 bring? What will my new year resolution be then?

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The first of the lilies have started flowering. This would be an orange asiatic lilies. Free plants that comes with the house. Judging by the number of buds, it’s a pretty well established corm.

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And taking stock of all the roses this week. Pink rose.

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More pink rose.

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White rose with pink frills.

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White rose.

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Yellow rose.

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Pink rose.

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Finally something different. Old fashioned red rose.

Whoever planted all those rose before me must have love roses, and love them in pink! I have given them a huge cut back end of last season and they have now come back dashingly. Needless to say, they are overdue for a formative pruning session. These are all free flowering floribunda style roses.

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In the Forest Garden, its teeming with surprises. Like this purple kohl rabi that was part of a mesclun mix, probably the Simply Red mix from Kings Seeds. The mesclun mixes are allowed to go to seed. They will probably cross pollinate, and self seed, and next season, I wonder what I will be getting. A blend of all kinds of mesclun mix you can get your hands on. Italian, French, Oriental, Kale, Lettuce, etc etc.

Side note, I am really not a good vegetable gardener. I am not sure if I will ever be good at it. But I find that if I just scatter seeds, the vegetables actually grew a lot better than when I planted them where I want them to grow specifically.

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Under every fruit tree guild I have sown some runner beans, and this one is running up one of the red leaf stonefruit.

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The Forest Garden occupies one quarter of this quarter acre section. I am quite please that my plan to sheet mulch with newspaper and cardboard and top up with wood chip works in suppressing unwanted growth. And then quickly introduce my own mix of seed varieties.

The grass regrowth has been kept to a minimum, and the last of the more established grasses are finally dying off after the last round of selective herbicide spray.

The black birds are enjoying the garden, and the bees are back. I can see the beneficial insects too, they are out and about. As more of the herbaceous layer starts flowering, there will be more of them around.

Till then, I should really get going and get the Forest Garden duck ready.


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