Footing Lost Momentarily

As I lay there in bed in the wee hours of Monday, the earth moved for an extended period of time, if its anything, its not an aftershock. I laid there in silence, eyes shut, waiting, listening, for the siren to go off at the local fire station. I am sure the local firefighters are doing the same. Just silence, nothing, we went back to sleep.

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As I leave the house for work in the early hours of the morning, I was wondering if the Rakaia Bridge is still there. Heading towards the main road, there’s no question the road will be fine by the sight of the travelling traffic. No detour after all.

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Forget-me-not in macro. We are once again reminded of our earthquake nation.

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Out here in Rakaia, the Belgian Fence is humming along as I go about my weekly spur pruning, persuading the apple trees to take the shape intended. And they are mostly obliging. Though, I may have to resort to some notching next week.

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Of all the bales of pea straws, I’ve only got one pea coming through. I am not complaining though as these are merely shelling pea, not my favorite.

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Might actually have some homegrown blueberries this year.

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Now I know how a kiwiberry grows. It twines, instead of ramble. Once the growing shoot find something to twine long, it goes.

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One of the most affected stonefruit trees. This is a flatto nectarine.

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In the end, I managed to give the 3 IBC tanks a good washing down. One of them were used to store milk for calves before and the remnants have cheesed. That took the longest to wash out, and Caesar ate those cheese.

My neighbor helped me move them into place just now and there they are sitting snugly on their platform which is a sight for chuckle when my neighbor saw them. Layered fence palings.

So that’s a job half done and I am not sure when I will be going back to finish it off. I’ll probably do Gate #2 first. I’m putting off anything that involved spending money to my Boxing Day shopping list.


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