Trump Happened

A few things happened this week. Someone won the Powerball jackpot all for themselves instead of the jackpot getting split out, what are the odds? And Trump happened. And few of my friends back in the college years will have known that I am a big fan of Trump, like I read his books, not watch his show. Though I would never have thought that he will run for office the way Simpsons had. What’s next?

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We have never gone down that path before, its the one less traveled. It might be the start of Idiocracy. Or just a refreshing change. Who knows? What we need to keep in mind though, is that in a democratic environment, the power remains in the hand of the people.

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Half of America did not vote. Did they choose not to vote because they can’t decide who is the best among the worst? Or they just don’t give a damn? When you look at it, only a quarter of the population supported Trump and another quarter supported Clinton. The half, is the true silent majority, they remained silent.

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How many of the quarter that voted for Trump sincerely bought into his policies which is way over the top, makes a Trump fan like me want to dig a hole and bury myself? How many see the the potential that he can do good for a country whose debt can be paid off by winning the Powerball jackpot 450,000 times (of wait, I forgot the exchange rates).

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Or simply, how many have gone so sick and tired of the status quo, same old same old, nothing is going to change, for good or for worse, that they decide to gamble with the fate of their country? And if one is to gamble, the odds are in favor of Trump, definitely not West, that something good might actually come out of it?

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After all, there must be something to someone who keep coming back after declaring bankruptcy four times. Ask yourself this one question, how well do you think you can come back from even one bankruptcy?

Perhaps, one of his first act upon taking office is to declare the nation bankrupt? Who knows, maybe his daughter is going to be the first female US President.

At the end of the day, it is up to us, as individuals, to make this world a better place. To elect someone to the office to make the world a better place while we continue to poison the world in our own little way… oh well… Might as well join the other half as a silent majority.


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