Rain, Cold Wind, and Hail

Yesterday, we hit a new milestone. The Mandala Garden is completed! Except for the other set of gate on the other side, which currently is a make do bamboo fence. At this stage, I don’t need to put a gate up until the ducks show up. All in, takes about 5 cubic meters of compost to load the beds up. Did a spray of digester this morning to help the compost along. One or two weeks before planting out, I’ll probably get the Neem, RokSolid and BioPhos in.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Note the whirly thing in the middle is the sprinkler. Last year when I was looking at sprinklers in Mitre10, a random customer just came up to me and put that one in my hand and tell me its the best sprinkler he ever used, much better than the impulse sprinkler. He is right, this one sprinkler is watering the entire Mandala Garden. Needless to say, I didn’t have to buy anything new to hook the sprinkler up. Feeling thrifty.

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The sunflowers are popping up along the edges of the straw bales in the Mandala Garden. These guys will perhaps provide more windbreak function to the garden.

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Disease pressure is high this season. Even when planted in the open with good air flow, the stonefruits are still getting leaf curl. Good thing about red leaf varieties is that you don’t notice the leaf curl if you don’t look hard enough. The Mabel Nectarine to the left is the worse affected, not surprising, its a more modern variety compare to the Red Leaf Blackboy Peach and Arapahoe Peach on the front.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The seedling grown River Peach at the front is completely unaffected by leaf curl at this stage. Wow! The ones at the back are Black Pearl Nectarine and Golden Queen Peach, both are reasonably affected.

Environment determines genetic expression. Hopefully, with proper culture, they will eventually grow out of it in the long run. Instead of having to resort to the so called double strength copper each month of Winter.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The spuds in the apple crates are slowly coming through now. There’s also a lot of wild spuds in the Forest Garden. I suppose you will call them weeds now. I’ll call them duck food.

Processed with Rookie Cam

A good looking bamboo in the Forest Garden.

What’s next now that the Mandala Garden is completed? I suppose I will start working on the nursery. This will involve sanding out the old rusty paint and put on a new coat. Once the nursery is done, I can proceed to finish fencing off the rest of the Forest Garden and do that other gate for the Mandala Garden.

Then… I’ll be working on the Oregon Hedge that is a rather sorry sight. It has no regrowth on the sides where I did a severe hack back. So the decision has been made to slowly cut off all the limbs back to the trunk to head height and let it keep its top growth. Put a new and higher windbreak up against its trunk. Then plant a new hedge via a partially raised bed next to it. Something that don’t grow too wide, and can handle the occasional ooopsie severe hack back. I am thinking Corokia Bronze King at 1m spacing with Chilean Guava in between.


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