I have used the Camera360 app for years. It was a great app but every update added more weight to the app and eventually, it has lost its touch. No one, wants to wait 30 seconds for an app to launch before they can take a photo. The opportunity to take a great shot may have just come and gone in less than 30 seconds. No to mention, in the last update, mine will crash after taking one photo. So, the app has been uninstalled and now we are on Rookie Cam. Hence, you will notice the photo on this blog now has a different filter effect.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Most of the seeds have now come through. There’s a definite difference in germination between seeds that I have saved in Rakaia, seeds that I have saved in Kaituna Valley, and the original seeds from Kings Seeds. Needless to say, the Rakaia seeds germinated first and the original germinated last. Apart from the naturalizing factor, it might also be a matter of freshness of the seeds.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The sweetcorn sown last week are starting to come through. These are just sown indoors and unheated.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Which brings us to the question of the Mandala Garden. How long more before it is ready? I have already put 2 truck load of compost on, and I think it will take another 2 truck load to fill the beds up. Then I’ll probably need a load of mulch to cover the paths.

Processed with Rookie Cam

The weather has blessed us with plenty of rain. This month, we have taken on 50.30mm of rain, 19.30mm came down just yesterday and the day before. I was out in the evening scattering seeds just before the rain hits.

The Forest Garden is slowly coming away. We have a rather high curly leaf disease pressure this Spring but I am not going to pinch out the affected foliage this season as I am not cropping the trees. Perhaps, the trees will fight back the disease?

The herbaceous layer is growing. Weedy. A mix of weeds and seeds that I have sown. I’ll probably spend labor day going through and weed out the undesirable weeds. I have already weeded the Belgian Fence today, I left the vetch in there as they are Nitrogen fixing. And the Forget Me Nots, they are just a pretty sight that must have somehow tag along from the Orchard Cottage.


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