Boiling Weeds

On my weekends, I have pasta for lunch. A by product of cooking pasta is all that hot water that we pour down the sink. I no longer pour them down the sink. I pour them on the weeds that I want to kill. They work faster than Roundup. I might get a whistling kettle in Winter, when the fire is going, I might as well boil some water for the weeds.

When it rains it pours. The Spring weather is behaving in my favor at the moment. Almost to my favor, except it prefers to rain down on my weekends. Plenty of moisture to get the seeds sown going without the need of any additional watering.

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Well, on the tomato growing front. Small Sweet Orange is the first one off with Indigo Rose not far behind. It’s always very exciting to see little bites of Summer taking off.

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And today, the very same germinating seed has stood up straight and getting ready to stretch out.

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In the rainy weather yesterday, I have manage to sow 288 sweetcorn. 4 trays in total, 3 of them seeds that I have saved from last season which is now the second generation cross. And 1 tray of 6 different varieties of heirloom seeds from Koanga. Very curious to find out what they will do this season.

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Caesar is getting a green roof on his kennel. Got a couple of trailing rosemary and hopefully they will trail down the side of his kennel.

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This is the view along the front. The Spring Onions are flowering now. That full front fence length of Spring Onions, I only paid $4.99 for them. Not just that, I ate the tops and planted the base.

Along the windbreak, I have planted Comfrey all along. It’ll be quite a sight and a good weed barrier and bee fodder. I’ve planted 4kg of Comfrey roots today, there, and in the Forest Garden.

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This is a Beurre Hardy Pear scion grafted onto a Quince rootstock. I’ll rate this a 10 out of 10 graft at this stage. The graft has taken, strongly, and the foliage is starting to push, which is a good sign. I’m stoke because previous attempt at grafting pear is all but utter failures.

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Last but not least. More progress on the Mandala Garden. All the keyhole edging is completed. I used a pack of fencing staples which I spread the two prongs further apart before hammering them in to link all the pieces together. Put a truck load of compost out, and more to go.

Something new this time, the bamboo stakes for the tomatoes to grow on to. The bamboo tee pee. It’s the most stable form especially in this windy country. The Mandala Garden will be hosting 24 tomato plants this season.

Next week, more compost to go in. A bit more work on the Mandala Garden. More seed sowing. Weeding. Lots of weeding. And mowing.

Till then, be present in the moment.


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