Molehill Sowing

My weekend has been full on. I did 3 truck load of bark mulch yesterday and got a load of compost this morning. The grass is growing. Fast.


The outer edges of the Mandala Garden is fully mulched now. I have laid the old weedmat down where the path would be. Had to do a bit of weeding before I put everything on. Most of it are young grass which I pulled out by hand, except for one corner where the grass didn’t managed to die off last season when I had the weedmat over it. I took the lawnmower to it and give it a good #1 haircut before I mulch over.

Sunflower seeds saved from last season has been sown down the outer edges along the bales of pea straw. The seeds smelled very yummy, could have roasted them for snack. Fresh… sweet… tasty.


More guild development. The herbaceous layer has now been added in. The circles of fresh compost. A variety of medicinal herbs have been sown. Along with lucerne. And a variety of ley for the ducks. Next up would be to sow some runner beans underneath the trees.

There’s still plenty of room at the moment which will be developed over time with Nitrogen fixing trees. It appears that I have left one of the most important element to last.


As for the Summerfruit Lawn. What do you call that? Molehill sowing? The compost piles edging the path and lawn are sown with White Alyssum, Dwarf Cornflower and Dwarf Calendula. The rest are sown with wildflowers. I’ll probably over sow every fortnight or monthly. I have not come to a final decision yet.

This way of sowing allows me a lot more control over what’s growing and reduce the need for weeding as I have essentially excluded all the preexisting seeds in the ground from the sheet mulch and bark mulch.


Asparagus are coming up for their second season. Once I get the Mandala Garden ready, they will be spending the rest of this season in their final resting place, which I have yet to decide. Somewhere in the Mandala Garden. We should be able to harvest some next season.


At the end of last season, I only have one shoot growing from this Myoga Ginger. Now, heaps of new shoots are popping up! With Myoga Ginger, you eat the shoots.


In the very same pot. We have hops. I don’t brew stuff, so I will have to find a different use for the crop. Anyway, I have yet to setup their climbing trellis yet. Probably just a few twines going up the eaves.

Next week, I’ll take a break from the wheelbarrow for once. It’s time to finish off the Mandala Garden. And sow some seeds. Lots of seeds.

An interesting memory from the Orchard Cottage. While I was building one of the raised beds, I used previous season corn stalk as the base, and I have left a few cob on unharvested. These were buried beneath a foot of compost, yet come Spring, they germinated and pop up. That’s seed sown 30cm beneath the soil surface.


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