An Extra Hour

Some more plants arrived from Te Kahuri Nurseries. If you want value for money, Brian is the one to shop with. Good size tree at baby dropper price. I’ve got a Chilean Guava to replaced a dud in the Olive & Guava patch. Got a Blueberry Atlantic and Herbert to complete the Northern Highbush blueberry plantings. Cranberry Bergman and Crowley for added diversity. And an assortment of NZ native selected for their ability to contribute to the avian population.


That’s them there planted. Kaka beak, Makomako, Corokia Bronze King, Karamu, Sophora Prostrata, Lancewood, Flax Evening Glow, and Cabbage Tree. And the ones in tree guards are Manuka. It’s a very dense planting to create some closed space for the ducks to seek shelter when needed.


Along the garage side the remaining crabapples were planted. These will be trained onto horizontal cordons and their fruit will feed the ducks late into the season. It was quite brutal planting these crabapples as I had to cut their depth in half as I’m planting above ground into a mound.


And the mulching of the Forest Garden is pretty much completed. In total, 7 cubic meters of mulch has gone on. And a lot of old cardboard and newspapers. Next week, I’ll be sowing seeds.


The bananas moved out, hanging out under the eaves. I can actually hang a curtain of Microklima frost cloth over the front if I want to, it won’t be rocket science to set it up.


More confirmation that Banana Gold Finger is alive.


Tulips are not exactly my favorite Spring flowers. They are the only bulbs that I did not take away with me from the Orchard Cottage.


Tiny Rosemary flowers. That’s a pair of them. It’s like some plant fairy wearing purple dress reaching out for a hug.


That’s a new leaf bud pushing out from the red leaf Nectarine Mabel.


Photography in macro is so much fun. Like these tiny blueberry flowers.


Calendula, still one of my favorite flowers. They are good soil healer. And great for the soul.

Spring is here and truly with Daylight Savings kicking in tonight. Its only a matter of time when things go green again. As new bud burst forth of the apple trees. And the spring onions started flowering. Weed Wild seeds germinate. Bumble bees take flight. I will start work on the Mandala Garden next week.


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