From Concept to Conception

I was going to drive the truck into the yard to unload the mulch, but once again, it won’t start. The last time we diagnose it, we figure some relay is draining power from the battery. Anyway, I realized that I have not use my AA call out privilege for quite a while, so well, there’s no such thing as a no-call-out-bonus-when-renewing-my-AA-membership. The truth is, I have a jumper cable in the back of my truck and I always jump start it with my car when I have a flat. The motive of the call out is so that I can have a mechanic come to my house, get the truck started, and check if there’s any serious issue like a dead alternator, for FREE. Well, not really free, but I do pay my annual membership on time. So, the truck got started, and the alternator is doing just fine, it’s probably some relay draining the battery out. He suggested to remove the negative terminal connection when not in use, good idea. We’ll get the relay look at the next time I bring the truck in for service, probably in 2 months time. 😉


The mulch. The grand plan. Is to use all the cardboard stacked behind the garage to cover up the ground on the Forest Garden, and put a layer of mulch over them. This will stop the old grass and what not from growing through. I sort of have a lot of cardboard, from furniture I bought when I moved in last year, and these are good size cardboard, used to package the sofa bed, table, bed frame, etc. The idea, is of no dig gardening, anything that I am going to sow, I will put a layer of compost over the mulch and sow into it.


Scrape out the old mulch from the Summerfruit Lawn. I am either going to sow the bare patch into low growing wildflowers, or just White Alyssum, Blue Lupins, Lucerne, Dwarf Calendula, and Dwarf Blue Cornflower. I am still undecided. Both methods will still have a wow effect to it, but the wildflowers blend might get out of control.


Imagine, a field of White Alyssum, contrasted by just the blue of the Blue Lupins, Lucerne, and Dwarf Blue Cornflower. And the orange of the Dwarf Calendula. Everything is low growing, and highly manageable.


Noticed all my new plantings have a severe cut back? I always check the size of the root ball before I plant out, and cut back accordingly. These trees arrived 2m in height, if I have kept it that way, they will have sulk for a season or two while the roots try to establish while not having enough to support the whole tree.


Got some Strawberries Albion and Strawberries Sunset. Planted them into the center circle in the Mandala Garden. I’ve also sown a variety of carrots and spring onions and PKLK onion.


The wee Dwarf Comfreys that I have planted among the grapes are coming through now. Not sure how long I have kept them in the packaging before planting them out. Long, I know. They are very forgiving, and almost immortal.


Within a week of planting this Satsuma Mandarin, it shakes off its support stake and let me know it can stand on its own just fine.


A pleasant surprise from this 1950s property. One of the previous owners must have love bulbs. Like seriously love bulbs, because I have bulbs of all sorts coming up all over the place, the value is probably in thousands of dollars based on what I used to spend on bulbs. I don’t even know what’s that in the photo above.


Weed and feed. Did some weeding. Stuff it down the side of my fence.


Feed the chooks on the other side.


Work in progress still on the Mandala Garden, now got a bit more edging done for the straight edge. Just need to get them all screwed in. Impact driver is very noisy I have my earmuffs on.


I drew this on my whiteboard. In my mind I have already gone through multiple different designs over the last few months, I kept simplifying the design.


And I built this yesterday. Works as I imagine it to. Its like a seesaw gate, it doesn’t actually hang, so it doesn’t put any strain on the rest of the structure. From concept to conception. This uses a lot less timber than my first idea.


The beauty patiently unveiling itself. Next week, work continues on the Mandala Garden and mulching the Forest Garden.


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