The Missing Link

My arm is really sore now. Or should I say, feeling the pain in the muscles. Somehow hammered in 36 stakes in an hour while making sure they are perfectly leveled. That will hold the sides of the inner pathway of the Mandala Garden.


I didn’t take any photos this week due to the wet weather. So, I’ll just pull out an old photo of this Squash Burgess Buttercup. It’s tiny, its smaller than my Asian fist. I ate it yesterday. All of it, including the skin. I saved the seeds too, they were well pollinated, seeds were nice and plump. This buttercup squash is amazingly delicious.

There’s still a few pumpkins on the front porch, aging beautifully through the Winter.

The missing link between our heritage fruit trees and our future is evolution. We are doing good work in preserving our heritage fruit tree varieties. But what next? Some of these varieties are more than 200 years old.

What if we bring these varieties together, get them back to high health, let them cross pollinate naturally, save the seeds of the fruit, and grow new plants out of those seeds? Environment determines genetic expression. Lets see what these seeds express.

That’s one of my plans, discover landrace varieties that arises out of ancient genetics collection. Hopefully something that will nourish the modern soul.

The rest of my plant orders are arriving next week. So next weekend will be full on planting. I’ve already written out all the tags to be tied onto the fruit trees.


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