Om Mani Padme Hum

Did I say I need to get hold of some pea straw last week? Well, being the very efficient me. They were delivered and stacked off nicely right next to the garage the very next day. I got them cheap too, that’s a bonus. And probably plenty of free pea plants popping out in Spring.


All the bales lined up nicely shaping the outer edge of the Mandala Garden. Tempted to throw a rug over it and have a nap in the Winter sun.

The pea straw might be turned into a straw bale garden. Not this season though, they need to be conditioned first. I might cover them with a layer of compost to help with the conditioning. Or soil.

A lot of things used to build the Mandala Garden already existed on site. Recycled, repurposed, whatever you call it.

2015-12-09 17.36.17

That 2 big Birch tree that used to line the front of the property. One of them posing a hazard to the power and phone lines. Well, one of my first act upon moving in was to remove all the non food bearing trees and shrubs and anything overgrown. Everything was taken out, except for the roses. I am a hopeless romantic.


Here’s those Birch. More like Birch logs. Used to form the inner circle of the Mandala Garden. And very comfortable to sit on and ponder upon things. White Birch don’t make good firewood. So, there’s pretty much most of the Birch logs I have sitting behind the garage, now finding good purpose in the Mandala Garden.


Here’s a start to edging the inside paths of the Mandala Garden. The old peeler post that used to make up the raised beds for the front of the property and the old vege garden at the back. They too, were stacked up behind the garage waiting for their new calling.

These, cut into 15cm lengths, line up the inside edges of the outer circles. To fix them into the ground, I plan to drill 2 holes on the bottom, cut some bamboo stakes to length and use them as dowel, and pin them into the ground. Then link the tops with nails.


Everything then gets back filled with compost. It will form a bowl with the soil level raising to the top of the straw bales from the lower inner edge.

Right in the center, a little Bay Tree is planted. Shallots around the edges. And planning to grow other alliums in the center for now.

In the traditional Mandala Garden, the area where the outer circles intersect, fruit trees were planted. In my case, I’m probably going to plant something Nitrogen fixing instead. Alder perhaps. I’ll start off with Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium), then with Siberian Pea Shrub (Caragana arborescens). Sulla, I got the seeds from Koanga. as for the Siberian Pea Shrub, well, the Leprechauns are flying the seeds in.

There’s also plans to plant sunflowers around the edges of the straw bales to further define the edges of the Mandala Garden.


We shall see. Until then, Spring is knocking on Winter’s door. 11 more days of Winter. What will Spring bring? More work. It just reminds me that I have yet to build the new seedling nursery, and the materials are still sitting in the garage since Boxing Day shopping.

At least, I’ve got a long trestle table to start seedlings in the sun room.


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