Dawn to Dusk

There’s no stopping me. I’ll keep going from sunrise to sunset as long as there’s the sun and the soil between my fingers. I only take a break for lunch or for that cup of tea and read a book. That’s how I rest in my weekends.


We had a series of hard frost at the start of the week. Then I noticed the corner where the Worcesterberry is, has become boggy. Water has crept up to the surface. It’s no good. I thought the toby box might be leaking after the contractors have worked on it, so I turned it off. And the surface water is gone.

Its not a good feeling, a busted pipe underground, a busted pipe that I have no idea where it is, underground. So, I dug a trench perpendicular to the way the pipe is suppose to flow. Still can’t find the pipe. So, I turned the water back on, and observe. Noted where the water start seeping through the trench first. And dug a bit more. till I get that L-shape trench.


That’s where the water is coming up through the ground. Now, I just got to turn the water off and let it drain.

Am I thankful for the Rakaia free draining soil?


The water drained off very quickly, and I dug in until I find the pipe. Some old school barb joiner. What are they thinking when they hook it up in 1970? Yes I know the year because I tried to find out the location of the pipe from my LIM report. A barb joiner for a town supply connection? The constant work of the water pressure and the recent hard frost might have cause it to pop out.


Off I go, cycled to RD1 and bought the proper joiner for pennies. The whole process is not as hard as it is, thanks to the free draining soil. Plus my experience back at the Orchard Cottage where the pipe is on the surface, running all the way from the farm bore, exposed to the elements and trampling of the farm animals. I’m usually left soaking wet patching up busted pipes because there’s no way to turn the water off without cutting everyone else out.

The only damage here is the soil. Waterlogged, dug up, churned by my gumboots. They are not happy soil, and they will take some time to recover from that traumatic event. Hopefully none of my plants succumbed to the water-logging.


Back to some plantings. The young Manuka saplings have been planted.


And the Rhubarbs, Cardoons, and Globe Artichokes planted up front as well. Since they are such small plants to start with, all of them have sleeves on. For their own good, and so that I know where they are.


Work is progressing well on the Mandala Garden. I have planted Dwarf Comfreys beside the grapes. And mark out the outer edges of the Mandala Garden.


Why waste good compost? Rake them away from the pathways onto the garden beds.


The pathways have got weedmat on now. Next week, I’ll start on doing the edges. There’s a few way around it and I just need more thinking time. Then, I’ll also need to get some bales of pea straw to put around the edges. Shortcut way of doing the outer edges.


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