It snowed during my first Winter at the Orchard Cottage. And now it snowed during my first Winter in Rakaia. I didn’t grow up with snow, therefore I always love it when it snow. I grew up with thunderstorms, so it weird me out when the news are counting the number of lightnings.


I had a feeling that this morning will be white when I go to bed last night. The heavy snowfall started last night.

I was out and about yesterday in between the wet spells. I have got a truckload of compost to unload. I filled up the empty pots ready to plant whatever into them. And I planted a pot with 2 figs, Mcleod Homestead and Totara House, both NZ heritage from Koanga Institute. The rest of the compost goes up to the Olive & Guava patch to mulch the plantings.

Something new. I’ve planted 2 each Crab Apple Wrights Scarlet and Quince rootstock along the front fence where I have removed the bamboo fence. These I am going to espalier them as a horizontal step. It don’t step there. I am going to graft multiple different varieties of apples and pears on each of them. If we look at a side branch every 10cm, we’ll be looking at a 100 different varieties of apples and pears.


A few more thoughts on the Mandala Garden. I’m going to use straw bales for the outer edges to ring it all in.

My weather forecast is telling me I am going to have a low of -7dC on Sunday night and Tuesday night. I am not sure if my other bananas apart from Basjoo is going to survive if planted out into the Mandala Garden. I’ll have to look at the mix again and find some hardier subtropical fruit trees. Bit more research. My bet might be on Asimina triloba (hardy to -25dC) and Musa sikkimensis (highest altitude banana species).


The snow is slowly thawing out now. I’ll probably have a window of opportunity to go out and do some design work on the Mandala Garden after lunch.


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