Still Alive

Winter Solstice is behind us, the days are getting longer now. And the big chill to come. The weather, is it going to get wetter? Yesterday was a wet one, I didn’t get much done outside apart from finishing the bamboo trellis for the Belgian Fence.


Next is to use the anchor bands to tie the sticks together at specific points. And to train the branches onto them.


Full on landscaping work out in the forest garden today. Ripped out the cover crop on the mound and use them as mulch along the Berry Fence.


Spread the soil out, and there’s one more mound at the back to do. It had a cover crop of broad beans on it.


Job done. If only I have a landscaping rake, could have achieved a more leveled surface.


Caesar examining the end result. I have put the planter bags in their planting spot for now. Soon, other trees that I have ordered will start arriving.

I’ll need to put a fence up soon. I think that might be the next job. It will limit the area that Caesar can roam. The fence will run from the garage lean to to the back of Caesar’s kennel. It will be part of a fencing system to separate Caesar’s lawn from the Forest Garden.

Ducks are going into the Forest Garden next season. It is said.

img_2926In the brick house. Banana Gold Finger which I pronounced dead last week might be still alive. Noticing that the stem is still mildly green, I peeled the dead leaves off. to reveal a bit more of the subtle-ly green stem. Then the tops which have died back were sliced off, just to check if the core is rotting or still mildly alive.

I did the cut yesterday, today, it would appear that the youngest leaf has pushed up a wee bit where I have sliced off clean. Note from the photo the unevenness at the top. I might just get through this Winter with more than 3 banana plants.


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