3 Below

Last week was a rather short weekend, so I didn’t get to check in here. This week, it’s just really cold out there, so I’m just going to check in now until the sun thaw things out.


I’m quite excited about the prospect of a hard frost this morning. Out to the garden I go early in the morning when the sky starts to brighten up. Pace all over the property and making observations.


Again, not so frosted between the house and the hedge. The mulch cover is completely frozen. I like walking on mulch when I’m in the garden, with footwear on of course. It’s more comfy and less compacting on the soil.


Trying out the macro lens attachment on the iPhone. This is not without a few tries as the cold powered out the phone a number of times and I have to get back into the house and put it on charge.


Yesterday, I spread out the two mounds of soil that’s been piled up there. Then ripped out the vegetables for mulching, and spread the soil of the raised vege bed out. Just a bit of landscaping. In time for the hard frost today to break the crumbs up.


Today I’ll mark out where I’m going to plant some of the trees. It helps when the area plan I have drawn up is quite close to scale.

The vege garden up the front has been redesigned into a mandala keyhole garden flanked by 4 Satsuma Mandarins, and in the middle, a Bay Tree and a single mounted sprinkler that will irrigate the whole 100m2. Hence, the Bay Tree will be clipped to just below the sprinkler.


The hard frost did something funny to the pots. Water started overflowing out of this pot’s reservoir, I can hear sounds of water flowing down, its like the potting mix forcing the water out into the reservoir.


An update on the bananas in the house. Gold Finger is dead. Australian Lady Finger on the other hand had a very close shaved, lost all its leaves, but the new one just started to unfurl, very slowly.


Misi Luki lost all but a small part of one leaf. No signs of new growth yet, but its a consolation to see that a small part of the leaf still retains the green and has not die back further.


Basjoo is the champ. The nice looking leaf unfurled last week, and it is starting to unfurl a new leaf this week. Only thing is, this is a fiber banana for weaving, not for eating.

Will probably have a look at plantain next season, perhaps hardier, though cooking only.


This is what I did last week. Putting in the coach screws, running the cable, getting the Belgian Fence trellis set up.

Still trying to figure out the best timing to Winter prune for maximum vigor.


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