Rhythm of Winter

The Winter season has started to dig into me. Everything slows down and so do I. It appears that I am not accomplishing much in the garden nowadays. Except to just go around observing, thinking, contemplating. And to continue to dog proof the property to keep Caesar in.


That’s a low fence that Caesar can easily jump. Reinforced. And the Berry Fence has been further reinforced, twice, over the weekend, because Caesar got through again just when I thought I have managed to keep him in for good. The latest round of reinforcement should be able to keep him in, so I say, every time, until proven wrong.

Perhaps one day I will resort to running electrified tape…


The bananas are not doing so good at the moment. Only the Basjoo seems alright while they others definitely felt the chill. They are now in the sun room. And will most likely spend Winter in the sun room. Hopefully they will recover. A question mark on the Australian Lady Finger and Gold Finger.


Things I do in Winter when I should be doing something else. This, like sowing more Alders are definitely not on my to-do list, until a spur of the moment ago. All the asparagus seedlings grown in individual peat pots are now in the big seed tray, filled with soil, they will be in there maybe for another season to let their roots develop. Or maybe not, depends.

I’ve sown 3 trays of Alders without cold stratifying them in the fridge. These are getting naturally cold stratified through the Winter at the bottom rack of the seedling nursery.

The new seedling nursery is on the to-do list, for a very long time. And I have yet to start.


Instead, I went and chop and drop the corn and sunflower stalks. Then spray digester onto them. The plan in here, Olives, Feijoas, Strawberry Guavas, and Chilean Guavas. The bamboo fencing will be removed and Chilean Guavas will be planted as a low hedge along the fence.


I have finally reached the end of the Permaculture text book after more than a year of daily reading. Next up, Holistic Management.

The weather next weekend looks good. I’ll probably setup the grape trellis by then. Maybe plant out the front fence. Maybe do a bit more work on the Belgian Fence trellis. And maybe, finally start on the new seedling nursery.


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