The Secret

What does plant do when the weather gets cold?

Well, I doubt they’ll put the fire on as there won’t be much of them left after…

Nor would they be able to pay for the heat pump as they don’t deal in currencies…


Especially for these bananas. My last lot got the death sentence in last season’s frost.

This week just gone by we had a series of frost with recorded temperature going down to -0.2dC. That is the sensor mounted undercover 6 feet above ground. So, out in the open, on ground level, it would be a lot colder.


I’m not taking any chances this season. My objective is to keep the bananas alive through Winter 2016. I’ve got a huge microclima frost cloth which I folded into 4 layers to wrap around the plants. Now you know what the bamboo hoops are for.


I’m doing the crazy Guinness bottles thingy again.

How does it work again?

Black absorbs and radiates heat, hence, black Guinness bottles.

Bottle turned upside down with mouth below ground level. Sun shines on bottle, bottle heats up, air inside bottle heats up, expand and push out into soil beneath, heats up soil, plant roots feel warm. Bottle radiates heat above ground level, plant enjoy the warmth while it last.

Warmth means growth.

And that’s the theory.

In practice. I’ve seen the bottles steaming away the dawn condensation when the morning sun shines on it.

I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and go frost hunting in the morning.


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