When it rains it pours. This week we have accumulated 40.9mm of rain. A garden needs about 2 inch of rain a week, and that’s almost there, about 50mm. It’s time to put the irrigation props back in storage, and roll up the long hoses and put them away. All I need to tend to from now on are those sheltered seedlings.


The Berry Fence is almost done. I was supposed to be installing the trellis but I ran out of the green wiring tape, it’s got to be green to match all the other green tapes I am using to tape the bamboos together. So, that’s a job pushed out to next weekend. Anywhere, that’s a start on the bamboo stakes fanning out for the berries to go up and spread out.

  1. Raspberry Ebony
  2. Blueberry Blue Crop
  3. Berry Delight
  4. Blueberry Blue Joy
  5. Loganberry Waimate
  6. Blueberry Dixi
  7. Thornless Jewel
  8. Blood Orange Moro
  9. Kiwiberry 1
  10. Lemon Yen Ben
  11. Kiwiberry 2
  12. Navel Orange Cara Cara
  13. Kiwiberry 3
  14. Lime Bearrs
  15. Kiwiberry 4
  16. Blood Orange Taroccco
  17. Boysenberry Brulee
  18. Blueberry Muffin
  19. Boysenberry Mapua
  20. Blueberry Nui
  21. Boysenberry McNichols Choice
  22. Blueberry Reka
  23. Boysenberry Tasman
  24. Blueberry Puru

The planting holes are a mix of compost and peat. Crushed egg shell, neem granules, rok solid and biophos added to it. All the available plants have been planted, and now just waiting for the deliveries. The soil in the planter bags will hopefully inoculate the goodness that I have nurtured back in The Orchard Cottage into this place. The abundance of earthworms in each planter bags is a stark contrast to the rather sterile condition of the existing soil.


This is the Squash Burgess Buttercup. I’ll wait for the vine to die back before I harvest it. Don’t have much luck with Pumpkin Australian Butter though, seems to have flowered into an abundance of tiny non-viable fruitset.


This one is Pumpkin Wee Be Little. It’s really small, but bright orange colour. Its brother is still a wee bit green but larger. Still a bit more of ripening to go.


These guys are tiny. Squash Delicata. It’s probably a case of environment determines genetic expression. Planted into an ex-planting hole that have been stump grind. Hopefully, some viable seeds in them to grow again next season.


Ideal sized Pumpkin Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato.

Not a big pumpkin harvest this season but a good one nonetheless. No watermelon success yet. Next season perhaps. Mildew is now starting to set in on most of the vines signalling the end of the season.


This calendula begs to differ, and the Sunflower Vanilla Ice is still flowering in abundance while everyone else have gone to seed.


As for me, I’ve got myself toesocks. Apparently, formal shoes aren’t really made for my style which involves a lot of power walking and running up and down the stairs two steps at a time. My toes are feeling pinched, so I slipped on my vibram five fingers and they felt a lot better, that’s when I decided that toesocks might do the trick.

If only there’s a pair of John Bull elastic side non safety available in black. I’ll just be using black polish on mine for now to get it to pass it off as black.


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