Drought Breaker

The title today could have been “Too Wet to Do Much” or “Too Cold to Do Much” or “Too Miserable to Do Much”. The long awaited wet spell is finally here, and the alps have a nice cap of snow. It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s wet. I’ve fired up the log burner and tried out the firewood that I have bought in Summer, highly satisfied.


I spent yesterday digging holes and lifting dirt along the berry fence. Each hole resulted in a wheelbarrow load of dirt. That’s 24 wheelbarrow load. Then partly back fill with compost. And I’m going to get some peat in next week to fill the rest up, mix it up, and plant out some of the berries and citrus.

Some of the holes towards the front of the property are quite hard to dig. I somehow hit a clay base with smooth rocks just 15cm below the surface. Out comes the hoe and we’ll call it ground breaking, or breaking ground.


A while back I was into Blood Oranges and Cara Cara Navel Oranges. So I ordered one each from my favorite nursery but they accidentally sent me two of each and I kept the extra at a discount. One of each are now planted into pots and the other lot will be planted along the berry fence.


From the left, Cherry Dawson, Cherry Black Heart, and Cherry Lapin. Dawson and Lapin on Edabriz interstock, makes a tree that normally grows to 30m to only grow to 2m. They are going to be trained onto a horizontal trellis along the posts.


This is Subtropical 3.0. Subtropical 1.0 failed in a -3dC frost. Subtropical 2.0 had the foundation laid but that’s about it as I have to move. And here we are, Subtropical 3.0, Banana Basjoo, Banana Misi Luki, Banana Australian Lady Finger, and Banana Gold Finger. This Winter they will be in the pot, on the porch, where I can easily cast the frost cloth over them.


Some chia seeds got mixed up the potting mix and now they are popping out in some of the planter bags and flowering. I must say, they have really nice flowers.


Winter tomatoes. I have not really ate any homegrown tomatoes this season as its quite a flop year. But one variety never fails once it gets going, and that’s Indigo Rose. Its wickedly dark, when ripe, breaks off easily with the calyx on, or even falls by itself, and takes on a nice rose red blush. I wonder how long I can keep this one going.

Hopefully we’ll get a break in the weather by next weekend. I want to get the berry fence planted and some bamboo stakes put in. I’ve also got a couple more garlic and shallots to plant out in the Belgian Fence.


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