Too Gusty to Do Much

Its been too gusty over my weekend to really accomplish anything out in the garden.


Though, I managed to pot up 3 of the oranges, companion plant with some garlic, and also pot up some strawberries I received in the mail.


I’ve also managed to dig some holes and plant out the Worcesterberry and black raspberry.


And another 4 more larger holes along the berry fence.


Digging those holes just revealed how dry it is.


There’s minimal moisture an inch below the soil surface.


And it seems like I have hit clay too just a foot deep.


I decided to head inside after the 4th hole has been dug.


Its just too gusty to be doing anything outside.


So, I just take a lot of pictures of the corn drying on the oven rack nested on the clothes drying rack.

Come again next week maybe I would have achieved more.


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