Grass is Growing

It’s so dry. When is the last time we have had a good long soak? I have had to keep up with the watering to get the lawn going. Not really complaining as the weather has been nice and warm which is helping things to grow. Just add water, and they grow.


And they are growing. The timing is just about right as mentioned in the seed packet.


The newly sown wattles are slowly popping out too.


And rosemary started to flower.


Pinus pinea.

Just some macro shots this week. I’ve been working everyday of the week and half days on my weekend. I didn’t really get much done apart from raking out the mulch to reveal the soil along the berry fence where I am going to dig the planting holes. The dug up soil will be moved elsewhere and the holes back filled with perhaps peat compost mix.

This week, I learned how to iron formal work pants properly.


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