Three Ladybugs

Its been a simple weekend. Its more about harvesting than anything. The sunflower seed heads were harvested and I have them drying out in a banana box outside. Two of the more exposed water pipes have been insulated. I’ve transferred the ginger plants into a small trough, in the process discovering one of Caesar’s bones fermenting nicely in the soil, which I promptly scooped out and cast it towards Caesar and he devour it instantly. Then transplanted Raspberry Ivory into the larger trough. That spiny thorny raspberry is going to be growing on the Belgian Fence trellis.


Then there’s all the corn. Diversity is the spice of life. Black Navajo, Blue Aztec, Early Gem, Golden Bantam, Rainbow Inca, and Silver Platinum. Some have the standard shape, some thin and lanky, and some just stubby.

Environment determines genetic expression. How they come through, did depend on the ground that they sits in. As we noticed much earlier on, those that were planted in stump grind-ed holes are not doing as well as the others.


Look at the amazing marbling pattern on the kernels of this cob.


They gets topped and tailed, and only kernels from the middle of the cob will be saved for seeds. They go into the oven and gets the drying slowly at 30dC. The rest I eat.


While in the many sisters patch. I decided to check on the pumpkins. Here we got Pumpkin Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato.


Just about fully ripe Pumpkin Wee Be Little.


Very very very small Squash Delicata.


And another larger but less mature Pumpkin Wee Be Little.

I don’t have any luck on Pumpkin Australian Butter, Squash Burgess Buttercup, and Squash Honeynut this season. Better luck next time.


And a ping pong size watermelon.


And then there’s this flower. I’m not sure what the name of it is. It was just there when I got the place, and just started flowering. I think it is Chrysanthemum.


While saving sunflower seeds, I stumbled upon this bud with three ladybugs on it! I took this shot with the macro lens add on to the phone.


With the chimney cleaned. I decided to test run the log burner for the first time. Well, its on fire and Caesar loves it!

Next on the list would be saving tomato seeds. Though this year’s crop is a bit of a flop. Next year will be better. Doing the up the cherry patch, and digging the planting holes on the berry fence.


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