Bird in the Log Burner

I heard strange noise in the house all day, but I can’t find the source of it. At first I thought someone was at the door, or something is scratching on the window, or a bird keep flying into it. No, nothing, at one point I thought I might be hearing things. Just then, I heard it again, and it sounded like something is in the roof, or in the chimney chute.

On a whim, I decided to check the log burner, and there it is, a bird trapped in the log burner, how did it got in there? I managed to catch it easily as its already tired from trying to get out, and set it free outside the house. I’m not hearing things, and there’s no rat frolicking in the ceiling.


Meanwhile, Caesar is baffled by my attempts to stop him from jumping the fence. Here, a nice fan trellis made out of bamboo. A Worcesterberry is going to be plant in front of it and trained to the trellis.


The berry fence had an upgrade. A second set of horizontal bamboo added in, and the windbreak tied and held up with tension to the vertical bamboo stakes. Caesar looks defeated, for now.

The berry fence is going to be home to a range of Northern Highbush blueberries, boysenberries, hybridberries, a black raspberry, kiwiberries, and citruses.


Caesar’s run… Bit of a clean up job, took it out, removed the hose hanger from the wall, give it a good mow down, put the weedmat in, and put it back in place. I don’t think the dog even uses it.


Alnus Cordata. Italian Alder. I didn’t have much luck striking on Red Alder and Black Alder. Might try direct Winter sow and leave it outside to cold stratify.


The biggest project this weekend would be this. The stonefruit area has been edged completely. The bare effect looks like crop circles. A layer of lawn construction mix carefully put in and raked to perfection. At first I thought I would use a fine luxury lawn seed mix but somehow ended up with Burnet’s Boston Green, deep rich green, hardwearing with a fine appearance, that sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

I have sort of blocked it off now, Caesar can’t get into it, yet. We should see some grass in a week or two. This wee strip of green will be the only lawn in this quarter acre section after I have worked my magic on this place. Just a great place to walk bare footed on soft fine green grass at the end of the day.

Come again next week, I got to get the Cherry patch going. Removing the old trellis and capping. Replacing it with, yes, bamboo! And redoing the capping. And the cherry trees can be planted! Woohoo! The berries can be planted too, after I have finalized who goes where. However, I am thinking of digging the holes, putting a backing board against the Oregon hedge, get some peat and plant the berries in peat.

There’s also more edging around the garage. Building the nursery. Belgian Fence trellis. Hence, my neighbour always commented, “still working…”, every time he walks by the house with his dog.

The Oregon hedge, after a brutal hack back, is slowly throwing out new growth. I have a more brutal plan in the future which involved removing limbs, baring the trunks to head height. Till then, I have to decide if I am going to do that job with a handsaw, an electric handsaw, a corded chainsaw, a cordless chainsaw, or a gas top-handle chainsaw?


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