Caesar Jumped Through the Fence

So, my neighbour brought Caesar back home just now, he jumped through the fence twice. I got to upgrade that fence.

That will be a job for next weekend.


I have been busy moving the thick mulch away from the stonefruit area so that I can start planting.


The roses have a good hard pruned as well. Some other plants dug out and removed to make way for the cherry trees.


After quite a few wheelbarrow loads, I have reduced the thick mulch to just a thin layer.


Pulled some string lines and marked out where the peaches and nectarines are going to be planted. I’m going to start edging them next weekend, and get the grass seeds sown on the wee strip by the driveway.


And all that mulch have been moved to the back, and I guess, that’s how Caesar figured to leap right through with that extra inch of elevation.

I’ll get some bamboo stakes in to make a fan pattern off the center. Though he won’t be able to leap through that in the future with super prickly Worcesterberry guarding it in the future. Its spines are vicious.

On the newly mulched site, I have sown blue lupin, lucerne, crimson clover, and calendula.


The saffrons are still going. I’m picking the threads on new flowers everyday.


Even the bumblebee is getting into it, he is so drunk on saffron nectar right now.


Slowly filling up a tiny jar.


Them saffrons growing along the Belgian Fence. I have added a layer of large pebbles onto the beds to keep Caesar from burying his bones in it.


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