Moment of Silence

On 6th of December 2015, almost 150 chosen plants from the Orchard Cottage packed up their roots and made the 69km pilgrimage travelling on the back of open trailers at 100kph to their new home in Rakaia. Let’s take a moment of silence for those who did not make it.


Apple Keswick Codlin, Prune Stanley, Prune Sugar, Prune Cheviot, Peach Batley, Elderberry Nova, Almond CY750, and Grapes Iona.

And let’s not forget those who chose to stay behind, the walnuts, pecans, chestnut, a few apple and pear trees, apricots, peaches and nectarines, and all the support species, awaiting their impending doom.

Let’s take a moment of silence for them.


For those who made it, they are now helping to weigh down the weedmats on the up and coming Biointensive Vege Garden. They are also serving a very important function. The function. They are transferring the soil goodness from the Orchard Cottage into the soil beneath when they are watered.


Work on the Belgian Fence has finally started. I’ve dug out all the pea gravel to unveil a ditch of about 10cm deep. Peeler post will then be used to create a raised bed and raise it another 12cm above ground. This Belgian Fence will be home to 68 apple and crabapple trees.


Ever seen the fourth sister in a 3 sisters growing system? Here it is. Pea.




I ate a lot of this last season.


Nice and shinny!


Watermelon lollipop.


The reason my neighbours don’t grow brassica. White butterfly caterpillars. The little buggers even ate the kale! They are kind enough to share the plant with me, I get to eat the broccoli shoots.

Come again next time we should be having more progress on the Belgian Fence.


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