Sandy Loam

The soil in the jar has finally settle out. 6% clay, 46.5% silt, 46.5% sand. More or less, something like that. Based on the soil profile chart, we are looking at Sandy Loam type of soil. Very free draining, needs plenty of organic matter to boost moisture capacity and fertility levels.


On the bright side, I have already brought in a few truck loads of compost and have since spread them out. The boundary fence for the vege garden has been installed. Just some gates, and one small fence to go, that can wait till a later stage.

I’m going to start covering the vege garden with weedmat. I started today but ran out of pins. Once covered, the whole thing will be wet down and I’ll spray Thatch Buster over it, which is a compost activator, and that will speed up the decomposition of the compost and all that moss and grass underneath.


Its a mossy place. I was up on the roof spraying them off last week. Did I mention my fear of height? The roof smelled like seaweed for a while.


Looks like we have some solid progress when it comes to growing watermelon. That’s fruitset! Now the challenge is to get ripe watermelon out of it. I’m thinking lots of Guinness bottles and frostcloth.


The sunflowers are still making a good show. I’m thinking, what sort of border should I do for next season, and for the future? Chilean guava perhaps? I think I’ll be doing sunflowers again next season.img_2585

The bees are visiting.


And the weather has been really hot and sunny when its not cold.


So hot and sunny that this sunflower decided to use its leaf as a sun hat.


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