Baby Squash

The work on the windbreak fence on the front takes quite some time to finish. In fact, it took me till yesterday to put the fence up, and then to lay down some mulch on it today.


The end product is of a better workmanship compared with the windbreak fence along the hedge. This time, I knit the rope through the top before pegging the windbreak down into the ground, which somehow makes a better job at tensioning the fence.


And of course I had help from dad while knocking the stakes in to keep them straight, square, and leveled. And mum help with getting the windbreak setup and laying down the wet newspapers before the mulch goes on.


Caesar is now out and about roaming the boundaries. There’s another area which he could possibly take another leap of faith. That would be at the back of the property where the old vege bed mound is. I’ll be addressing that in the coming days and give the area some leveling.


I just go to figure out where to move those soil. This mound here is going to have heaps of biology going on. A mix of broad beans, peas, and lupins went in. Its nitrogen haven in there.


Along the front boundary, the pumpkins and squashes are slowly taking shape.


The sweetcorn are flowering and the peas, well, there’s peas to be harvested!


And here, the watermelon is flowering. Perhaps, this season I will get fruit set? Baby steps… I got them to flowering stage last season. Fruit set this season would be progress.

I have done a crude jar test to find out more about the soil in the garden. It’s still settling out but at this stage, I still don’t know what to make of it. Come again next time, I might post a photo of it.

Upcoming to-do list. Leveling of the old vege bed mound. Clean the gutters. Build shoe rack. Patch up the leak in the pump shed roof. And some 30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away.


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