Fenced Up!

As I sat here, and heave a sigh of relief. One of the most important task on this property is finally completed. It’s fully “fenced” up and Caesar fenced in. It took quite a while, from getting the gate hung, improvising job on the gudgeon to make it fit, modifying the front fencing, getting the trees out first, cutting off the old pipes, drilling in dynabolts, putting in the bamboo fence, getting the East side fence on, cutting back the conifer hedge, putting the stakes in, putting the fence up, it all sounded so simple on my to-do list.


It’s done. Done. Done. Done! I can finally let Caesar hang out outside with a peace of mind that he is not going to run off somewhere. Unlike being on the farm, I could just put on my shepherd tone and yell out loud, really loud, till the cows come home. Here, I’ve got to be a bit more civilized. I stand a chance to be reported to SPCA for animal abuse…


No more sneaking through the hedge for Caesar. The fence is about a foot away from the hedge. It will double up as a berry trellis for the kiwiberries, boysenberries, and other hybridberries.

In doing this side of the fence, I realized there’s a drop in elevation as I went from the front of the property towards the back, the difference is slightly more than a foot.


The sweetcorn are gaining a foothold. Some interesting pattern here, there’s a zebra striped patch of them growing healthy, and some struggling. Just about coincide with the patches where the old trees came out.

The bamboo fence has been lowered further, it looks much better now.


The beauty of livingstone daisies!


The nitrogen fixers are starting to come through now… I’ve put mulch on beforehand to stop the birds from getting to the seeds.


The wind forced a hand last week. It blew the seedling nursery over, and everything popped out of the trays and lay in a heap on the floor. I guess it’s God telling me to stop procrastinating and pot up those seedlings into larger pots. So here they are… How do you tell Cardoon and Globe Artichoke seedlings apart?


Some good looking tomatoes there…


The morepork perching on the gate post.


And the fantail on the mailbox.


The first bread in this house. Made with a breadmaker. Still have got a bit more trial and error to do before I can come up with a decent loaf. I think this one didn’t rise enough.


Next up, the raised bed for the Belgian Fence. Mark out the area for the Biointensive garden with some stakes, and topdress with a few loads of compost before the weedmat goes on. And there’s also the more extensive seedling nursery to be built.


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