Foraging in Kaituna Valley

I made a trip back to Kaituna Valley to retrieve the line trimmer from my neighbour who is trying to fix it. He still can’t get it to work… until my new neighbour told me something about old petrol being the most likely suspect. Well, I think that stuff in that tank is 2 years old, and it cost a lot more per litre than what you would pay now.


Of course, I found out no one is occupying the Orchard Cottage at the moment, and invited myself in for a garden tour. The forest garden is just being awesome. For the first time, there’s no sign of hedge mustard at all! Instead, there’s an abundance of yarrow flowering abundantly in white. The trees are doing well, and corn are popping up everywhere I’ve sown them.


Good size apricots and good size crop too. This is the first time this tree is cropping too.


Nashi pears weighing the branches down.


Du Comice pears having a bumper crop as well.

I didn’t think any of these trees, they have self-thinned for sure, and hung on to what they could ripen on their own.


Look at the massive Early Gem sweetcorn! Not a single drop of irrigation has gone in after I left, and they look really healthy too!


Plenty of salad vegetables in what used to be the Giant Cloche.


I took some spray free kale home for tea.


I think the birds have eaten all the ripe berries.


The raised bed vege garden has gone wild.


Quite a lot of plants have started seeding. Lavenders are flowering profusely. And those sweetcorn are wildlings.


If only these broad beans will still be there in a few weeks time I can save them for seeds.


A mob of tomatoes…


Needless to say, I harvested some while others have started to go to seed, or just grown too big.


And here’s a lovely harvest of Vivaldi Gold potatoes filling a Pak’nSave reusable shopping bag. I dug them all up by hand, the soil is just so beautiful and friendly to the touch… If only I have got a few buckets I would have taken them home with me.


And finally, here’s a good crop of Pinot Gris wine grape. Also, for the first time, it is cropping well.

I managed to reclaim a few more pieces of timber which I did not get to take away with me last time due to space issue. These will come in handy for my other fencing projects.

This is a wet and rainy week. I spent most of today in my effort to unpack my stuff which was piled up in one corner of the living room. Finally, everything has been sorted away and a proper filling system devised for the paper documents. I’ve marked out the ground where I was going to hammer the stakes in to put up the fence along the conifer hedge tomorrow.

I’m sourcing for a handful of 1,000L IBC tanks to store rainwater off the roof. And just thinking if someone could get a whole lot of them, they could just line it up as replacement for fencing, and it could be a rainwater storage tank fence! As these things come in cage, there’s an existing trellis for them to grow climbers on too! Talk about multi-functional…


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