Farewell 2015! Hello 2016!

2015 came and gone. It’s been an interesting year with a lot of happenings. I think some of the best highlights would be doing PDC at Koanga Institute and meeting lots of like-minded people. And of course, getting onto my own quarter acre section in Rakaia.


Part of this section still needs to be fenced up properly. There’s really no oriental sentiment to this fencing style, as far as I am concern, it is the cheapest form of fencing per meter, and it keeps the dog in. I’m going to lower the height of the bamboo further at a later stage, and it will look even better.


The wee old mailbox got a wee modification too. I’ve widen up the intake gap, hopefully it will be easier for the postman from now on.


Some updates from growing bulbs and corms from seeds. Freesias, lilies, gladioli all going well.


Having another go at the watering cans again. This time, basil mint, rosemary, and thyme. I’ve chosen these guys because they are more likely to withstand neglect, and perhaps, even thrive on it. Better luck than strawberries, that is.


Looks like someone is up to no good again. New Year Resolution 2016, zero casualty on bananas. Apart from that, we shall be looking at some form of career and personal growth. Adopt more Southern man qualities. Etc, etc.


I’ve moved the guys in planter bags closer to the existing vege bed. Placed them onto cardboard to mulch off the grass beneath, and help with the drainage of the planter bags as well. Now, I can easily water both vege bed and the planter bags at the same time with the oscillating sprinkler. I’ve also sown carrot seeds into the planter bags, not sure how it will go.


The sunflowers, livingstone daisies were planted out along the front boundary along with spring onions. Some radish seeds, and I have also seeded climbing beans and dwarf peas among the corn and pumpkin and watermelon. Calendula seeds that I have saved from the Orchard Cottage went in too.

I’ve finish the first part of the hedge trimming along the conifer row. After shaving off the surface foliage, the bare branches beneath were a ghastly tangled mess. I’ve gone through with the lopper to take out the thicker branches. Next would be to make right angle cuts into the hedge with the hedge trimmer to keep the side way branches in control. The machete will be used during this part as well. After that, would be another round of pushing it back further with the hedge trimmer until I get a nice straight thin wall. And to finish it off, do the tops.

Then, the windbreak fence goes in.


Look who came out to play!

2016 is off to a great start! My neighbour has been sharing his beer with me in his man cave. What would be a good neighbourly thing to do? Stock up his stash in gratitude?


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