Merry Christmas!

And so, Christmas 2015 came and pass. On Christmas Eve I decided to have Christmas pudding for dinner, turned out that I really don’t enjoy Christmas pudding, I would put them in the same class as the Christmas mince tart, etc. Christmas Day was spent assembling all the furniture that have arrived and still packed in boxes in the living room. It was a good day, at the end of it I had an actual bed to sleep in, and a table in the house, and proper chairs. And my luggage fully unpacked.


Imagine, if you have the discipline and willpower to save your entire year of non-essential shopping for Boxing Day. Some retailers even start the Boxing Day sale online on Christmas Eve! Hehe, I’m very naughty at this, going to be taking some stuff back to M10 to exchange for some other stuff. I’m probably on their naughty list.


I’ve removed the peeler posts that were used to edge the raised beds. I’m going to reuse these for my raised bed Belgian Fence. All I need is a couple more new peeler posts and I will have enough timber to finish the job at half the cost. I did some digging on the area where I’m going to put in the raised edges and it appears that there would be a bit of a jimmy jam to get it to work.


The first set of bamboo fence is now installed. I spent closed to 15 minutes to put a hole in the concrete pillar with a masonry bit on an impact driver. I was beaten halfway through the second hole, and my neighbor pulled up to have a yarn and I told him that I will need to go and buy a hammer drill to finish the job. I watched on Youtube, it took the guy 1 minute to put a hole into the concrete with an impact driver, and the same hole took only 3 seconds with a hammer drill. Good neighbor do what good neighbor do, he lend me his hammer drill and those holes were done in a jiffy!

I repaid his kindness with a bottle of my precious Guinness in return but ended up hanging out in his garage with his mate for some beer and yarn while Caesar make friends with two energetic staffy. Maybe an hour or two, before I went back to the house to continue the work.

Dynabolts with eyelets were inserted into the holes, a length of rope loop through them, and the bamboo stakes weaved in at 75mm spacing. Hammer in. Mark desired height, and cut to height.


I’ve finally put the sweetcorn, pumpkin, and watermelon into the ground. They have got about 4 months to grow, we’ll see what happens then. I’ve also started trimming the hedge. One third of the way there. My to-do list is a mile long. I’ve sown the tree lucerne. Started hot water treatment on the tree lupin and acacias. I’ll need to cold stratify the alder soon, that’s a 4 weeks process. And probably start another batch of mesclun, spinach and brassica seedlings.

The odds may not be favorable, but it ain’t impossible, just improbable.


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Justin, I must admit I am very confused. My bad for not keeping in closer contact over the last couple of years. Guess I was just too involved with my problems to get around to all my gardening friends. So, where are you now? In the country or moved to the suburb I see here. If not in the country, then why the big change? Do tell! 🙂

    Oh yes, and please direct me to the right blog of the three for your continued adventures! Thanks!

    • Thanks for dropping in Lynda! You are now at the going concern 😉 I’m now in what’s called a rural township. My previous landlord decided that they needed the Orchard Cottage back so that they could put a shepherd they hired in it, so I had to move out. And I decided to buy my own place instead of rent because the cost is going to be about the same, and thus ended up in a quarter acre section that I can afford in Rakaia which is a nice little rural town filled with lots of friendly people. In a nutshell, I moved from rural country to the outer rims of a rural town.

      • I had always been under the impression that you owned the land you worked. So much industry and now you have to leave it all behind. On the upside, ownership of the home and earth you work is so much more rewarding! It will not be any time at all before you have it turned into a paradise. Of that I am certain! Congratulations!

      • Cheers Lynda! The Orchard Cottage was a great learning experience for me, though I had to leave the place and its structures behind, I took most of the plants that are precious to me with me. I do look forward to live on my own farmlet in the country one day. 😉

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