No Hassle Returns

I’ve got a confession. I’m a serial returnee. I’ll buy stuff from M10, and then return them a few days later because I don’t need them.


I bought and returned a metal drill bit, an eye bolt, a nut, and two gate hinge clamp. I had every intention to use them but somehow, the gate hinge clamp doesn’t fit the gate, and I managed to hang the gate with the existing hinge with some tips from the fencer. I bought the metal drill bit to put a hole in the corrugated iron fence to put the eye bolt through for the gate to latch on. But that didn’t work out either as there’s too big a gap between the gate and a fence that I will be patching up with a stake hammered in with the staple on it for the gate to latch on. Long story short, saved money on the gate.


I spread more mulch around the side of the house where the peaches and nectarines will be going in in the future and that will be under sown with wildflowers. A good thick later of mulch went on over the existing grass lawn and that should put the grass to sleep.

Now, I just have to decide if I’m going to continue to let that pile of mulch compost down or continue to spread them. And the question is, where to spread them? I could technically let them compost down and use them to fill the raised bed Belgian Fence.


I had my first feel of the local soil today transplanting the not so small seedling into the existing vegetable garden bed. I merely fork over a small area of the bed where the seedlings are going to go. I have a feeling the plants are going to love it here. Spinach, spring onions, brassica, mesclun mixes, and aerial seed potatoes.


On my to-do list is to clear out the trellis on both side of the concrete patio. Some sort of climbers and native grass. I’ll keep the roses and lilies. Some previous owner must have love miniature roses as that’s the only type of roses planted around the house.

Come around Christmas time next week and you will see me fencing. Then the sweetcorn, pumpkin, and watermelon can be planted out and beans sown.


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