Hail Day

Welcome to Permaculture in Rakaia! As I sit here today on my makeshift workstation comprising of a camping chair and my laptop rested on the packaging box of my vacuum cleaner, its bucketing down hail out there, with accompanying sound of thunder and the occasional flash of lightning.

The move has taken me all day and more. 3 trips on a hatchback with a trailer. 4 trips on the ute. 1 trip on the sedan. My friend Mitch certainly didn’t sign up for this. The plants itself took us 2 trips each to move, and the stares we got as they zoom through towns and down the highway.


The canvas prints came along, and they brightened up the living room immediately with a Malaysian Sunrise at Broga Hill. That would have been the name of the print in my honest opinion but the printers who converted it to a 3 piece canvas just called it “grass”. Mind you, 5 years ago I was working really hard to find the perfect patch of “grass” to crouch down on to get this sunrise shoot.

The books were unpacked onto Pinterest inspired DIY bookshelf. It suggested IKEA boxes, I have an abundance of banana boxes. Even though banana boxes are virtually indestructible, they are more rigid with the lids on the back as bookshelves.


Most of the plants got a wee bit of wind burn after an hour of 100kph. I think they have forgiven me after I gave them a seaweed spray. If they have not, I’ll spray them again, and again, and again, and again.

I have a feeling they will love it here. The regular Nor’wester carries with it plenty of dust, and my guess is that the soil around here will be well mineralized.


This unassuming quarter acre section is about to get an unexpected makeover. There’s a lot of mature trees around the property taking up too much space, shading, and the potential to fall on power lines, and blocking views. The lawns are perfectly manicured and edged, all it lacks from being a typical Kiwi lawn is the existence of broadleaf weeds which I guessed, the previous owner did not spray them off.


In come the arborist, they removed all the trees that were too hard basket for me to remove by myself, stump grind, ring the wood, and chipped everything else for mulch. That was done on Thursday, and today, that pile of mulch is simmering in the rain, the composting process has begun.

Area Plan

This is pretty much how the property will look like eventually in its own Permaculture glory. Now, I just need to get a gate along with its accompanying hardware, and hang it. Then, I need a hacksaw to modify the front boundary fence. Some dynabolts, concrete drill bit, and 2 bundle of bamboos, some bungee cord, and the front boundary fence will be able to keep Caesar in. I shall then take the hedge trimmer and do my very best to push back the pine hedging on the East before I run a length of black windbreak down that boundary.

Once the boundaries are secured, I can get on with some plantings. Till then, those sunflowers and 3-sisters are dying to get into the ground.

Stay tuned, there’s a permie in this peaceful little rural town!


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